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  • Students Details, Cumulative Records and ID Cards
  • Billing, Fee Payment and Receipting
  • Assessment and Terminal Reports
  • Academic Performance Graph
  • Bulk SMS, Email and Audit Trails
Main Menu1 Student Record Capturing2 Students Details, Cumulative Records and ID Cards3 Billing, Fee Payment and Receipting4 Assessment and Terminal Reports5 Academic Performance Graph6 Bulk SMS, Email and Audit Trails7
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Why Choose ISMS

1. Efficient students' records management.
2. Instant billing, students’ fee payment, receipting, daily fee collection reports, debtors' lists, and arrears tracking.
3. General Ledger Accounts (Recievables, Payables, Journal Entries) and instant generation of financial reports (Income Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Financial Ratios, etc.).
4. Automated Emails of terminal reports, students bills, arrears letters, memos directly to the students or guardians, therefore, saving on paper costs and avoid delay.
5. Instant delivery of SMS (text message) of students’ results, fee balances, alerts and notifications (PTA meetings, reminders, etc.) to students or guardians.
6. Create terminal reports effortlessly, eliminating tedious manual calculations when preparing students’ terminal reports.
7. Reduce costs on printing ID cards.
8. Efficient management of staff records and processing of staff payroll and reports (Payslips, Gross Listing, Net to Bank, Income Tax Return, SSF, Provdend Fund, etc).
9. Lots of professionally design reports.
10. User-friendly interfaces and really very easy to use.

Additional Benefits:
 Free installation, configuration and customization (clients outside Ghana would pay a fee).
 Software is always customized to meet specific needs of our clients.
 Comprehensive user guides and extensive help facility.
 CD copy of software binaries.
 Four (4) months of free user support and maintenance.
  Built on XAMPP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and runs on Window or Linux platform.

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